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Biositemaps Information Model

Biositemaps consist of an information model for defining the properties of biomedical resources and the Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) that defines the vocabulary for describing the types of biomedical resources.

The hierarchical structure of the BRO vocabulary enables queries that aggregate resource of specific types. For instance, one can ask for all the Image_Processing resources, and get resources for Atlas_Generation, Cortical_Modeling, Segementation, and others (all subclasses of Image_Processing in BRO). Discussions regarding the BRO are posted in a google group at http://groups.google.com/group/bro-discuss.

Information Model: Required Properties
Property Description
resource_name The name of the resource
organization Name of the organization that produced the resource (for example Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh, etc.). Third-party resources should only be included if accurate provenance information identifying the source of the resource is also included.
center Name and/or acronym of the research center or institute (if appropriate) that produced the resource (usually a sub-unit of Organization). Third-party resources should only be included if accurate provenance information identifying the source of the resource is also included.
research_program Name of the research cluster as identified through a funding program or other generally-accepted organizational cluster (for example NCBC, CTSA, etc.)
description The description of the resource
resource_type The class in the BRO that describes the type of the resource -- multiple values allowed
related_areas_of_research Related area of research represented by a subclass of the area:Area_of_Research class in the BRO -- multiple values allowed
related_activities Related activity represented by a subclass of the activity:Activity class in the BRO -- multiple values allowed
URL The URL to access the resource
keywords Choice of either many individual keyword elements or one element with comma-separated-values
contact_person The contact person for the resource
contact_person_email Email address contact for the resource
contact_person_phone Phone number contact for the resource
biositemap_author The person who edits or is responsible for the content of this biositemap file or of a particular resource description entry

Information Model: Optional (Extended) Properties
Property Description
documentation_available Is there available documentation [yes|no]
language Software programming language in which resource was written or can be accessed
license The license under which the resource is distributed
platforms The software platforms on which the resource was tested (for software resources)
publication_identifier Publication identifier for the resource from a publicly available publication database (e.g. PMID: 19483092 or doi: 10.1093/nar/gkp440)
resource_sharable Is this resource sharable [yes|no]
technical_support What technical support is available [available|limited|none]
version_information The version information for the resource defined by a Version_Information instance (containing information about version number, development stage and release date)
Standard HTTP Header indicates last-change date of biositemap file